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Honeywell Maxon Combustion System
MAXON combustion systems can provide what industry needs: packaged custom-made solutions that can achieve, maximize and sustain production levels within your process demands.

Shut Off Valves

MAXON gas valves are the only fuel shut off valves with metal-to-metal seats that "wear in", not out. Powerful closing springs provide a reliable closing force for assurance of safe fuel shut off. The natural guillotine action of MAXON shut off valves add a self-cleaning stroke to the valve operation.
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Ratio & Flow Control

MAXON flow control solutions keep thousands of plants and products moving every day. With a wide breadth of solutions from intelligent mass flow control to economical mechanical control, our flow and ratio control valve products provide dependable, accurate control of air and fuel world wide. We invite you to browse the following product information for your flow control needs.
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Low Nox Burners

MAXON low NOx burners and advanced control products assure minimal pollutant formation without sacrificing operational reliability or efficiency.
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Combustion Systems

Industrial combustion system needs are becoming more complex. Environmental regulation, code compliance, and technology advances collectively create a dynamic market that can rapidly consume your valuable resources. To ease the burden and improve your bottom line, MAXON offers complete combustion systems, combustion equipment and services. With fully engineered control systems, fuel skids, and heater sections, you can put MAXON's expertise to work for you to ensure professionally engineered successful heating solutions.
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Slate Capability Overview
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Industrial Flame Monitoring

Honeywell Industrial Flame Monitoring (IFM) products offer reliable, durable and flexible solutions for the most challenging applications and toughest environments. They are designed for the highest level of function and flame discrimination for a wide array of industrial processes and applications.
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