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Precision Digital Instrument Meter & Controllers

Precision Digital to design and manufactures wide range of digital panel and field meters for all types of process measurement and control applications for general area and hazardous area.

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Hazardous Area Meters & Instruments

Precision Digital products can be located in a wide variety of hazardous areas. We provide products that are intrinsically safe, non-incendive, explosion-proof or can be housed in explosion-proof enclosures.
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Digital Panel Meters

Digital panel meters are display instrumentation devices that read a variety of process & temperature input signals, process, and display that information for a user at an instrument panel or cabinet sub-panel.
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Large Display Meters

Precision Digital manufactures large display indicators and controllers which feature large, bright displays that can be seen from considerable distance, up to 100 feet away! They can be easily mounted to walls, pipes, and other surfaces in your facility, inside or outdoors. Large display meters feature rugged enclosures and are available for a wide range of applications, including level, flow rate and total, temperature, pressure, and weight.
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Annunciators, Scanners & Multi-Channel Process Controller

Precision Digital’s annunciators and scanners feature alarm and monitoring capabilities for all of your process variables. Annunciators accept up to 8 signals from relays, float switches, digital outputs, and many other discrete (on/off) signal sources. Scanners can accept up to 8 analog inputs and switch between them to another devices such as a digital panel meter, controller, or PLC.
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Industrial Wireless System

Precision Digital’s PDW wireless products give you a simple, straightforward way to get analog, discrete, or Modbus® signals from where you have them to where you need them. Our wireless solutions range in complexity from simple point-to-point for wire replacement, to large-scale point-to-multipoint for connecting up to 32 individual field locations to a central base station.
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Precision Digital offers accessories that expand the usefulness of your digital panel meters and controllers. You can enhance your existing meters to meet new process challenges with our upgrade cards and DIN rail mountable expansion modules. Our panel and pipe mounting kits allow you to put your meter exactly where it needs to go. Serial communication adapters allow you to program many of our digital meters and controllers from a desktop PC and integrate them into a digital Modbus® network.
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