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Level Gauge and Level Instrument

Clark-Reliance’s Instrumentation and Controls Group is presently comprised of Clark Steam Specialties®, Jacoby-Tarbox®, Jerguson® Gage and Valve, Magne-Sonics®, and Clark-Reliance. The development of newer brands and technologies such as radar, ultra-sonics, and capacitance has created the largest and broadest line of available level instrumentation.

Application Jerguson Overview 

Jerguson® Level Gauge & Valves

Jerguson® Gage and Valve, a leading supplier of level gaging products, offers the world’s largest selection of liquid level gage glasses, magnetic level gages, liquid level switches and transmitters. Jerguson gages and valves have been installed and successfully used on a wide variety of liquid level applications, from basic chemical storage tanks to the most advanced nuclear aircraft carriers.
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Jacoby Tarbox® Sight Flow Indicators

Jacoby Tarbox® Sight Flow Indicators are manufactured by the Clark-Reliance Corporation. Standard Jacoby-Tarbox® Sight Flow Indicators and Sight Windows can be specified to accommodate almost all application requirements.
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Jerguson® Level Switches & Transmitters

Jerguson® Level Switches & Transmitters is a wide array of mechanical switch and transmitter products to provide reliable level measurement for client’s application. Caged level switch products feature a unique, tri-magnet mechanism that offers high current, snap-action switching without the use of cams or springs. Products are available with ASME B31.1/B31.3, FM, UL, CSA, ATEX, & PED approvals.
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Clark Reliance® Boiler Trim / Instrumentation

Reliance provides a wide variety of high quality products for the power generation and steam producing industries. Our extensive offerings include remote level indication and control systems, water gages, water columns, probe type switches and water cut-out devices.
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