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Temperature Gauges

Badotherm’s range of gas filled and bimetallic temperature instruments range from a minimum of -200 °C up to a maximum of 650 °C.
1. Gas Actuated Temperature Gauge

BDTG18 Gas
The measuring method of an inert gas filled thermometer is the expansion of gas in a closed system. Changes in temperature of the process to be measured create a change of pressure in the measuring system, which is translated on the dial into read out of the correct temperature. this type of thermometer is available as direct mounting and as capillary thermometer.
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2. Bimetal Temperature Gauge

BDTG18 Bitmetal
The measuring method of a bimetal thermometer is the expansion of two different metals. Those two inseparable jointed metal strips each have a different thermal expansion coefficient. The bimetal system is built in the stem of the thermometer and functions as a temperature sensor. All bimetal thermometers should be selected considering the media and ambient operating conditions.
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3. Thermowells
Thermowells are used in any application where the bulb of the thermometer may be exposed to pressure, corrosive fluids, or high velocity. Additionally, the use of a thermowell permits instrument interchangeability or recalibration without shutting down the process.
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4. Thermocal
Thermocal is the web-based performance calculation tool for thermowells, powered by Badotherm. The tool is intended for instrumentation engineers or anyone wishing to understand the effect of all variables and conditions on a thermowells. The tool calculates the frequency the thermowell in situ situation. BaseCal allows you to easily change different variables and conditions, so you can simulate and analyse the effects of these different variables and design the best suitable thermowell in the process situation.
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