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Pressure Gauges

Badotherm’s full range of mechanical pressure instruments (pressure gauges) to accurately measure your process conditions.
Our Stock Pressure & Temp Gauges Brochure
1. Stainless Steel Safety Pressure Gauges
The stainless steel pressure gauge is a product of high quality. The stainless steel pressure systems are all provided with seamless drawn tube which reduces the chance of tube rupture. All gauges have the connection welded into the case and is produced according to the international standard EN837 and the PED. They can be supplied with 3.1, Nace and calibration certificates and can also be equipped with ATEX declaration. The most safe stainless steel pressure gauge is the solid front type with baffle wall and blow out protection (BDT20).
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2. Differential Pressure Gauges
Badotherm differential pressure gauge model BDT13 has a stainless steel diaphragm and one pointer to read the differential pressure. The variation in high static pressure makes this gauge suitable for almost all differential measurements.
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3. Capsule Pressure Gauges
Badotherm capsule pressure gauge model BDT9 is available in standard ranges from 16mbar up to 600 mbar. The gauges are suitable for corrosive environments and gaseous media that will attack copper alloys.
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4. Diaphragm Pressure Gauges
Diaphragm pressure gauges are having a measuring principle based on a diaphragm. Both BDT12 and BDT13 are based on this principle. BDT13 is specifically for measuring differential pressure gauges where the BDT12 is only measuring gauge pressures.

Where pressures are too low for the bourdon tube principle (<600 mbar) the diaphragm principles are very reliable and stable.
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5. Pressure Gauge Accessories
Optimizing the use of pressure gauges and to extend their lifetime, they are often used in combination with specific accessories. Badotherm manufacturers all these pressure gauge related accessories such as shut-off valves, diaphragm seals, swivel adaptors or overpressure protectors or syphon for steam applications.

All accessories are minimum made of stainless steel materials but can be supplied in a large variety of exotic materials. All the accessories can be mounted, pre-set and tested on the pressure gauge in our factory.
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