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Digital Panel Meters

Digital panel meters are display instrumentation devices that read a variety of process & temperature input signals, process, and display that information for a user at an instrument panel or cabinet sub-panel.

ProVu Series Batch Controllers

The ProVu line has expanded once again! PD6210 and PD6310 Batch Controllers can be programmed for a wide variety of batch control applications.
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Process Meters

Process meters cover a wide range of display, monitoring, and control devices all of which accept process inputs: direct current or voltage inputs from transmitters.
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Rate / Totalizers

Precision Digital's analog input Rate/Totalizers, in combination with an ultrasonic level transmitter, provides an economical way to measure and display open channel flow rate and total in most weirs and flumes.
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Loop-Powered Meters

Loop-powered meters process and display 4-20 mA inputs. This 4-20 mA signal also provides all the power necessary to operate the device, so no separate power wiring is required. They are available in a wide variety of case styles, and many have hazardous area approvals.
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Temperature Meters

Precision Digital temperature meters accept a direct temperature input from a thermocouple or RTD. Many also accept process inputs from temperature transmitters.
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Batch Controllers

A wide range of batch controllers are available, from the simple batchers in the F0 series for single stage applications to F1 series two-stage batchers with various outputs and serial communications.
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High Voltage Meter

High voltage DC inputs of 0-300 VDC are also available for reading VFD or other motor control signals. Analog and relay outputs are available for process monitoring and control as well as dual-line displays and multiple input devices.
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Modbus Serial Input Meter

Precision Digital offers Modbus serial input displays and Modbus serial communication data sniffers.
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Digital Pressure Gauges

Precision Digital offers digital pressure gauges that will take a direct pressure input as well as digital meters that will accept the voltage or current output from a pressure transducer or transmitter.
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