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Anderson Separator

ANDERSON SEPARATOR offers a broad variety of mechanical separators, including Vane Type, Multi-Cyclone, Centrifugal and Filter. Our separators provide unmatched liquid and solids removal and require no maintenance.

1. Vane Type Separators
ANDERSON's "Pocket Style" vanes are ideal for liquid removal to 8 microns. Available in standard 316 stainless steel and other materials to meet your application requirements.
  • In-Line Vertical
  • Vertical Gas
  • Extremely Efficient Separation of Entrained Liquids and Mists from a Gas or Vapor Flow.
  • 100% Removal of Liquid Particles 8.0 Microns and Larger.
  • Low Pressure Drop.
  • Superior Design.
  • Rugged Construction/Long Life.
  • Stock or Custom Designed.
  • No Maintenance.

2. Centrifugal Separators
ANDERSON's line of standard and custom centrifugal units are excellent for your air and steam separation needs.
  • Vertical Up Flow
  • In-Line
  • Exhaust Heads
  • Combination Separator Traps
  • Internal Steam Drum Purifiers
  • Multi-Stage and Single-Stage Designs

3. Multi Cyclone Separators
ANDERSON's Muti Cyclone Scrubber is an attractive alternative to our Hi-eF type centrifugal separators.
  • High efficency separation of entrained soild particulate
  • 100% removal of 8 micron size liquid particles & larger
  • 100% removal of 5 micron size solid particles & larger
  • Capacity to handle heavy solid loadings or liquid slugging
  • Vertical or Horizontal designs available
  • Self cleaning, low maintenance requirements

4. Coalescing Separator
Provides Optimum Protection for Downstream Equipment. Maximum Removal of Liquids and Solids from Air or Gas Processing Streams. 99.98% Removal of Solid Particulate and Aerosol Mists 0.3 Microns or Larger. Beta Ratios in Excess of 5,000. Multi-stage Separation Design. Long Service Life, Low Maintenance and Minimal Downtime with Easily Accessible Coalescing Elements. Reduce Maintenance and Operating Costs Associated with Contaminated Gas

5. Filter Separators
ANDERSON SEPARATOR'S unique approach to filters combined with engineering and manufacturing capabilities offer you the most affordable and reliable separator.
  • High Temperature Elements
  • Small Line-Type Units
  • Multi-Stage Designs
  • Custom Designers
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